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Monday, November 14, 2011

I know for many of us this may seem like a topic that isnt really relevant but many many of us suffer from female (and male) balding. Usually (if the cause is not from an external factor like chemotherapy or hormone treatments which may cause hair loss) balding is due largely in part to fungus. Fungal infections of the scalp causing dryness, irritation, itching and eventually loss of patches of hair throughout the head. So here are a few things to try to help with this problem.

Pure Mustard Oil is warming and an help stimulate growth
Black Pepper make a paste with finely ground black pepper and rub it briskly on the head to encourage new growth
Meethi or Fenugreek made into a paste, apply it to the head and leave on for atleast 15 monites. Wash out with warm water
Make a mixture of Yougurt(whole milk) and camphor (eucalytpus will also work). Apply it to the head and leave on for atleast 2 hours, wash out with warm water.

Remember if a preparation is left on the hair for a time always apply a heat cap to impart heat and keep in moisture and make rinsing a lot easier!!

Hope this helps someone:)

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