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Monday, November 14, 2011
Hi All,
I've decided that sine I get sooo many wonderful questions I'd like to share some of them with you all periodially. Happy Reading!
Question from Ruby:
Okay, this is my regime or lack of one.  I have just started doing oil rinse with coconut oil prior to cowashing (leave on for about 30 minutes).  Then I cowash with HE Hello Hydration.  Then I deep condish with Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Mask (leave on for 45 minutes if I have the time).  Then I rinse that and add Qhemet Biologics Amla and Olive Oil moisturizer.  Seal that with grapeseed oil and then style.  Girl, is my routine all jacked up?  Now, since I'm typing this, it definitely sounds that way.  LOLAnswer:
Sometimes we have to simplify things to make it better ;-)
    So you co-wash, do you wash at all? and if dryness is your problem I think a heavier sealer may be the answer (shea is a lovely solution)
    Personally, I wash my hair every 6-8 weeks but in between washing I use the hair masque to cleanse and moisturise. We quite often get so caught up in what everybody else is doing we integrate too many things into our regimine and when it doesnt work instead of taking things out we add even more, lol, and a product junkie is born :-)
    Another thing that may NOT be helping is the coconut oil. So many people rave about how wonderful it is but I have tried coconut oil bases (like vatika oil) and it left my hair feeling like greased straw, lol, so I stopped using it. Try weeding out some of the products, one at a time to see how your hair responds without it. If you leave it off and dont see a difference, then leave it off completely. If you leave something off and your hair responds in a bad way then you know you should bring it out. Then once the smoke clears try adding something new. I dont know if you have an aloe spritzer or even just plain aloe vera gel to make your own, but aloe is a must have for people who need moisture. You can even use those moisture sealants for styling, hair in sections taking a section at a time-spritz, seal and style- this is the best method when twisting for twistouts and braidouts. Keep your silk or satin scarf for wrapping the hair and smoothing those edges for a sleek shiny look without all the 'stuff' lol

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