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Monday, November 14, 2011
 Question:   Wow, Sharika, this is great!  You are right about doing what everyone else is doing.  Everyone has comments for me but these things just aren't working for my Kunta Kinte (lol).  I wash every other week.  I just bought a Biotin Shampoo from GNC that doesn't have any sulfate.  I think it is okay so far but it did leave my hair squeaky clean. 
    I was told that shea is a no no for the winter months so I didn't try it but I will add it back in and drop some other things to see what works and what does not.  I really want a simplified method and not all this other stuff.  I don't remember it being this hard when I was younger and before the perm.  Ugh!
        I must admit the coconut oil makes my scalp itch.  So, you ask why I'm still using it - to get rid of it!  LOL
        I use a silk bonnet to sleep in.  So are you recommending a silk or satin scarf for the edges or entire head?
        Sharika, you don't know how you are blessing me.  Thank you a million!

Okay , again curious, why would someone tel you shea butter is no good in the winter, LOL
I mean that is laughable, during the time of the year when your hair needs protection the most, dont use shea butter, now thats a 'WOW' comment.
People say dont use glycerine during this time of year, dont use honey during that time of year (it can get kind of mind boggling trying to listen to everything everyone says and does!).
I find that once you find something that works for your hair NEVER totally elliminate it just b/c the seasons change. I mean think about those pressing comb days-winter and summer regimines didnt exist. We have to learn our hair and be consistent with those things that work...doesnt that make sense? Tweak a little to accomodate but dont elliminate.
A nice triangle scarf will smooth your edges and protect your hair and can be tucked in or left out for loose styles. Bonnets will prevent breakage but wont smooth your hairline.

I hope I can always be helpful to others and thanks so much for keeping me on my toes! If You have any questions always feel free to ask...knowledge is freedom :-)

by: Butters-N-Bars


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