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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Okay so how you wash your face is just as important as what you're using on your face and here are a few simple steps to ensure you get the most from your wash as well as your toner and moisturiser.

Once you choose that ideal cleanser(raw african black soap is an excellent choice and i'm actually working on a liquid black soap facial cleanser with jojoba beads and acai- stay tuned for freebies on that one)
Raw African Black Soap from Butters-N-Bars.Com

remember the first thing to do is rinse your face well using WARM water. Never use cold or hot water to wash your fae. Hot water an ause excessive drying, and cold water 'shocks' your pores closed but warm water is the happy medium that gently opens pores without leaving them too open like hot water leading to dryness.
Ayurveda Pear Soap from B-N-B
So rinse well with warm water and then apply your cleanser. Lather and then apply the lather to your face. Particularly if you are using black soap!!! Never apply bars directly to your face just work up a lather and put it on i a gentle circular motion. This increases circulation and ensures that your cleanser can get in to do it's job.

Rosewater Toner

If you choose to exfoliate do it at this point. Remember regular exfoliation can help us to avoid chemical solutions like dermabrasion. A gentle exfoliation on a consistent basis will keep you glowing!
Move quickly through these steps, only exfoliate long enough to go over your face once over then over any trouble spots no more than twice. Facial skin is delicate (not to mention being the most visible part of your body!) so treat it with kindness :-)

Antioxidant Hydrating Souffle'
Rinse well with warm water , never cold or hot. You want those pores to stay open. Pat your face dry and apply toner(if desired) at this point. Again move quickly because you want to apply your moisturiser to skin that is still warm/moist and not cold. If you allow your pors to lose then what is your moisturiser going to do? Its going to sit on top of your skin leaving you in one of two conditions. Either looking like a greased monkey OR feeling dry again in a few hours as if you never even moisturised in the first place- neither one is ideal.

So follow these simple, easy steps to get the most out of your wash and BE BEAUTIFUL ;-D

by: Butters-N-Bars


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