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Friday, February 15, 2013
So to compliment our little challenge I am posting some info about ayurveda and how we can use it to keep us beautiful...by any means NATURAL. Happy Reading! Questions just Holla ;-)

So to compliment the hairyuveda challenge am posting a list here of some of the more well known (and a few not so well known) Ayurvedic Preparations.
First what does ayurveda mean any old way so here's a quote,
combines the Sanskrit
words ayur (life) and veda (knowledge).
The name aptly describes
the essence of this ancient Indian system
of medicine."
-end of quote taken from http://www.pioneerthinking.com/insideayurveda.html

In Indian there is an entire system of doctors who are called "Hakeem" which in Arabic mean 'wise one' the doctors practice totally holistic medicine using only herbs to heal and cure all types of illnesses from pleurasy, gastrointestinal, brain disorders and even you guessed it HAIR problems like baldness and graying, dandruff fallouts whatever the problem is there is an herb for it(and many of the herbs pull double duty) so here's a small list of some popular ones and their common uses. If I forget some please jump in and add on ;-). ALSO I'LL BE BREAKING THIS UP INTO PARTS B/C i CAN'T SIT HERE LONG ENOUGH TO TYPE IT ALL AT ONCE, LOL

Trusted Brands for these products are: Dabur, Ramtirth, Hesh, Uttam, Ancient Formulae,Baidyanath, and Himani (to name a few)

Some Examples Ayurvedic Powders and Oils:
Amla Powder
- Amla is also known as Indian Gooseberry and is a popular powder to add to henna mixes. Due to it's high vitamin c content a few tablespoons added to henna is acidic enough to trigger dye release. Amla promotes hair growth by strengthening the roots of the hair. Also helps with premature graying and can tone down henna coppery reds to reddish browns.

Amla Oil- Has the same benefits as the powder most oils can be used as a pre-poo for extra moisture and added conditioning and Dabur  'Amla Gold Oil' which has the added benefit of henna and almonds and B-N-B has our organic Amla Oil which is perfect for those of us who need permeability of rich oils like Argan and Sesame in a naturally scented oil that is suitable for so many things (best choice if you don't use mineral oil based products)

Brahmi Powder- is known for making hair thicker and more dense and full and if you need a good nights sleep give yourself a brahmi it also helps to strengthen hair roots and control dandruff

Brahmi Oil(Ramtirth)- this oil contains brahmi but also contain about 22 other herbs infused in a coconut oil base in addition to what the powder helps the oil also helps improve split ends and hair loss

Bhringraj- also known as Maka powder is possibly the cure all for all of the damage we've done to our hair! It is known for curing hair loss due to damage or caused by other scalp issues such as alopecia, cures dandruff, prevents premature graying,acts as a 'brain soother' to help you restThis one is also supposed to help with postpartum bleeding and pain and acts as a 'multivitamin' for your hair

Mahabhringraj Oil (Maka Oil)- look for the same benefits as the powder in addition to helping with frequent headaches, itchy scalps and pruritis. FOR THINNING HAIR LOOK NO FURTHER!

Okay so here's to get us started next addition: shikakai, vatika, neem, and jaswand!!
part 3 we'll get into henna, cassia and indigo 

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